Features & Structure
LY spark plug could be applied to various automobiles. It is developed by many technique experts. It could resist the exhaust gas' erosion to the most, so as to prolong the service life.After the test in Exhaust Gas Laboratory and road test of hundreds of kinds of automobile from all over the world, it is proved to be reliable and well-performed. The output power is very huge and long-lasting. The adequate dimension of the inside holes give the LY's spark plugs outstanding ability of anti-fouling. The unique heat-value material designed witch computer is the crystal of present high technology in the line of spark plugs.
Multi-ribs designed on the insulator can eliminate flashover.
New ceramic insulator provides better insulation heat dissipation,resistance against heat shock and mechanic failure.
Nickel plating-plated shell prevents oxidation and corrosion, Electrical heat crimping process ensures reliable sealing.
Resistor glass not only ensures conductivity and sealing but also provides protection from radio interference.
The center electrode has a copper deeply inserted inside the nickel alloy tip,vastly improves heat dissipation and preventing dangerous overheating of the engine.
Larger space between insulator nose and metal shell educes fouling and misfiring and keeps plug cleaner.